Let's empower 1 million+ kids to become social entrepreneurs.

Join us to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the power of creativity.

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Spiffy's Corner

Engaging digital curriculum on social enterpreneurship, language learning, and sustainable finance for K-3 kids (and adults!)

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Nominate your inspiring startups for Spiffy's Blog interviews, published on NASDAQ and our partner websites.

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Ladderworks Studio

Help us make creative entrepreneurship sustainable by donating to our diverse artists.


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Perfect bedtime stories for inspiring the next generation of changemakers!

What's inside?

A world of education in just one book.

  • Stories of Empathy

    Emotional intelligence is key to success. Our books feature real life stories of empathy with an aim to help develop your child's EQ.

  • Boundless Creativity

    Our endearing cartoon characters co-created by diverse artists are the "perfect language" to deliver entrepreneurship education to K-3 kids.

  • Inspiring Entrepreneurs

    Help your child shoot for the stars by learning about metaphorical versions of real life stories of diverse social entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Support the Arts

    Through the Ladderworks Creators Academy, we provide opportunities to illustrators and creative writers from all sections of society to co-create our picture books. Support our artists here.

Ladderworks Connect

Spiffy, our interplanetary journalist, interviews inspiring social entrepreneurs for NASDAQ and our partner websites. Through Ladderworks Connect, we aim to connect VCs to diverse founders who are advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Spiffy's Corner

Engaging digital curriculum for K-3 kids on topics like social entrepreneurship, new language learning, reading skills development, and sustainable finance.

Ladderworks Studio

Help us make creative entrepreneurship sustainable.

Ladderworks Voice Actors Program

Our initiative to provide voice acting opportunities to your organization's employees to help improve their mental health and well-being through creativity.


"I left the book on our coffee table for my daughter to find. She was very curious when she saw the title and the illustrations. She has read it five times now without any push!"

"My kids loved the book! Especially the illustrations... they are mesmerizing!"