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#ThankYouMasks by Creative Kids

#ThankYouMasks by Creative Kids

Thank You Masks by Creative Kids

#ThankYouMasks by Creative Kids

With Love and Gratitude to Our Frontline Workers

The shortage of PPE leaves many of us wondering “What can I do to help frontline workers?” If you want to learn where to contribute, Spiffy interviewed Dr. Alex Ding on buying PPE for healthcare workers through GoFundMe.

But we got to thinking, “what else can we do for the less recognized workers if we’ve already contributed?” This is what we came up with! Frontline workers have to be in public all day, often putting themselves at risk for meager pay. If everyone commits to making their own CDC recommended masks, we will be that much safer. This is an awareness drive by the Ladderworks team under our #CreativeTogether initiative aimed at:

  1. Raising awareness about wearing masks.
  2. Giving a creative outlet to kids & adults alike.
  3. Changing the culture of wearing masks to be a fun thing!
  4. Finding a way to thank our essential workers with more than just words.

On this World Health Day, we think they deserve it. We will be accepting your submissions of hand-drawn mask designs with the theme "Thank you frontliners" or creative DIY masks. 

Follow along on Social Media to find a drawing template and see the best mask submissions under #ThankYouMasks 

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