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DuMarkus Davis: Making Quality Music Education, Sustainable Incomes Accessible

DuMarkus Davis: Making Quality Music Education, Sustainable Incomes Accessible

Hi there, my name is Spiffy, I’m an interplanetary journalist hanging out on Planet Earth. Today I’m interviewing DuMarkus Davis, the founder and CEO of Musicbuk, a music technology company.

Spiffy: Hey DuMarkus, welcome to the blog! What challenge are you addressing with Musicbuk?

DuMarkus: I’m very glad to be here, Spiffy! Presently, if you’re a musician and attend a music school, you get one-on-one lessons with a top instructor, varying performance opportunities, and you get teaching opportunities. Despite that, 99% of music school graduates will graduate with no job prospects and will teach and/or take a part-time job to make ends meet. At Musicbuk, we are building an ecosystem of the world's greatest musicians that empowers these musicians to monetize their craft online through a teaching marketplace, streaming interface, and membership platform.

Spiffy: That sounds fantastic! What motivated you to do it?

DuMarkus: I grew up in a community with virtually no access to quality music education and graduated from a top music school with few job prospects. The fact that this is common among most graduating students in the country is a major problem in my eyes that is easily solved with technology.

Spiffy: Can you elaborate on how Musicbuk and your team is working towards a more equitable world?

DuMarkus: We have built a platform that makes it possible for any musician to build a sustainable and meaningful income. By doing this we are increasing the financial standing of these community members and allowing them to lead more fruitful lives and create greater economic value within their communities.

Spiffy: Tell me about a recent company milestone or initiative, along with the impact it makes on your community of users.

DuMarkus: We recently partnered with two top music schools to make it possible for international students to earn a sustainable income while they are studying in the US on educational visas. These students will now be able to work for their schools and generate income without having to get paid under the table at small businesses.

Spiffy: Amazing, congratulations! Now, before we wrap this up today, can you please share an experience of when you faced failure and didn't give up? What did you learn from it?

DuMarkus: At each stage of building this company, there have been trials that would have forced any person in their right mind to stop. But each day I push forward knowing that I'm a bit closer to making my dream of quality music education being widely accessible possible.

Spiffy: And more power to you! Thanks for speaking with me today, DuMarkus—it’s been an honor!

DuMarkus Davis is a classically trained violinist and graduate of The San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he studied on the Gates Millennium Scholarship. DuMarkus is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and serves as CEO of Musicbuk, a music technology company changing how musicians connect with their audiences. (Nominated by Lorenzo Thione at Gaingels. First published on the Ladderworks website on June 30, 2022.)

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