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Entrepreneur Vivian Rosenthal Wants You to Breathe

Entrepreneur Vivian Rosenthal Wants You to Breathe

Hello residents of Planet Earth! My name is Spiffy, I’m an interplanetary journalist interviewing the people coming up with new ideas to help you be healthier. Today I’m talking to Vivian Rosenthal.

Vivian: At Frequency, we empower emotional and mental well-being in the face of skyrocketing anxiety, depression, loneliness, and burnout. We offer live stream and on-demand Breathwork classes that offer a full emotional, mental, and physical reset. 

Spiffy: I sure could use a reset, all this traveling gets tiring sometimes!

Vivian: Aww Spiffy, you should come try a Frequency class! I teach Breathwork over Zoom every Saturday at Noon EST. You can sign up on our website. No prior experience needed.

Spiffy: Before I try a class, I need to know, what motivated you to do this?

Vivian: I have struggled with anxiety and depression much of my adult life. In my own search to help myself, I discovered Breathwork and its deeply therapeutic benefits and saw that there was a need and an opportunity to bring this therapeutic modality to the masses. 

Spiffy: How do you ensure that you’re making the world a more equitable place? I hear this is very relevant for wellness companies.

Vivian: Great observation, Spiffy! Historically, the wellness space has been very white and privileged and we are doing our part to democratize wellness by intentionally creating inclusive spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. 

Spiffy: What is a milestone you’ve reached with Frequency?

Vivian: Over 10,000 people have taken a Frequency class since we launched, which means 10,000 hearts and minds reconnected to their own essence, their own humanity, their own sense of wholeness or what we call their home frequency. 

The FREQUENCY Studio (Image courtesy of Vivian Rosenthal)

Spiffy: When have you faced failure? How did you overcome the challenge?

Vivian: COVID presented a huge challenge for us, and was a potential failure that we turned around. We were forced to close our studio location in NYC and while that was very hard financially, we hustled to bring our classes online and were able to serve an even larger group of people since they could join the classes from anywhere in the world, which was incredibly special to suddenly find ourselves building community in a new way. 

Spiffy: What’s a time you learned something new unexpectedly? 

Vivian: I went to a Breathwork retreat for 4 days and learned how to cultivate even a deeper sense of silence and stillness that I had previously known or experienced and this brought such a deep sense of safety to my body and mind to know in such an embodied way that I could always return to that state of being. 

Spiffy: Even someone like you who leads classes on Breathwork can gain from practicing!

Vivian: Of course, we’re all on a continual journey. Thanks for talking to me Spiffy, see you Saturday.

Vivian Rosenthal is an entrepreneur, a Breathwork teacher, and the co-founder of FREQUENCY, a platform dedicated to mental well-being. Previously Vivian joined Google as the Founder in Residence of 30 Weeks, Google's design-led incubator. Vivian co-founded LAVVA, a plant-based yogurt. She received a B.A. from Brown University and a Masters from Columbia University. (Nominated by Gaingels)