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Kate Anthony: Making Transitions Easier, Accessible, and Affordable for All

Kate Anthony: Making Transitions Easier, Accessible, and Affordable for All

Hi everyone, Spiffy here, your one and only interplanetary journalist reporting from Planet Earth. I’m thrilled to be talking to Kate Anthony. Kate, the CEO of Euphoria.LGBT, Inc., is an inspiring entrepreneur working on UN SDG 5: Gender Equality. Let’s see how she’s doing it!

Spiffy: Hey Kate, really glad you could make it today! What challenge are you addressing through Euphoria.LGBT, Inc.?

Kate: Thanks for having me, Spiffy! Did you know that transgender people are impacted by a biological phenomenon called gender incongruence? In other words, transgender people have a brain that develops inconsistently with their bodies, and transition is a process to align the body with the brain. There are medical, legal, and social challenges, and it is often difficult to navigate because of a lack of information and the financial costs. Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. helps with this navigation.

Spiffy: Sounds like essential work! What motivated you to do it?

Kate: It is! I had a tough transition and knew that I needed to make tools that'd make it easier for others. When I came out, I felt enormous despair because I was afraid that I wouldn't know how to transition and couldn't afford it. I decided to make tools to ensure that nobody had to face that same fear, and to help more transgender people be who they are. Transition is complex, and I remain incredibly motivated to make it easier, more accessible, and more affordable for those in both cities and the rural.

Spiffy: You’ve already answered part of my next question about how you are working towards a more equitable world. Can you elaborate on this mission?

Kate: Of course. We are amidst a culture war and are seeing new discriminatory laws codified that make it harder to access medically necessary healthcare and have the legal conformity and social assimilation that is critical for the well-being of transgender people. Transgender people are a product of biology, and our work ensures that these individuals can have healthier, happier, and more dignified lives.

Spiffy: Can you tell me about a recent company milestone or initiative? What impact does that make on your community?

Kate: Up to 81% of transgender individuals in the US experience suicide ideation at some point. Whereas 75% of those who use our software report an improvement (either a decrease or a total cessation) in thoughts of suicide/self-harm. Since day one, this has been our most important metric, and to this day it remains our North Star. Gender dysphoria is a pain caused by gender incongruence, and our ultimate goal is to eliminate the disease that is gender dysphoria by helping everyone become who they are.

Spiffy: That’s very heartening to know! Now, I always ask every entrepreneur I speak with to also share an experience when they faced failure and didn’t or did give up, and what they learned from it. What can you tell me?

Kate: I failed at earning my biological parents' acceptance and love, which was incredibly painful. As a daughter, I felt like a personal failure. But I didn't give up trying to find that same type of love from a family. I found my chosen family, and they see me as worthy of their love and grant it unconditionally. It's not the path I imagined, but sometimes when life takes something from you, it results in discovering something far more wonderful.

Spiffy: I’m sorry for your pain, Kate, but glad about your found family who sound wonderful! Is there anything else you would love to tell our audience?

Kate: You are loved. You are cared for. You deserve a wonderful life. And I mean that for everyone. This life is incredibly uncertain and can be full of challenges, but you are doing great thus far. Your presence makes life better for others, and you will continue to infuse more good into this world by just being you. You are enough. You are worthy. You are wonderful.

Spiffy: What beautiful words to part on. Thanks for speaking with me, Kate—it’s been an honor!

Kate Anthony is the founder and CEO of Euphoria. She was named one of America's Greatest Disruptors, has been awarded multiple fellowships for her work, and is a proud woman who happens to be transgender. (Nominated by Lorenzo Thione at Gaingels. First published on the Ladderworks website on June 13, 2022.)

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