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Yotam Ariel: Changing the Rules for Fighting Climate Change

Yotam Ariel: Changing the Rules for Fighting Climate Change

Welcome back, everyone!  I’m Spiffy, the interplanetary journalist reporting from Planet Earth with an eye on entrepreneurs making a difference on climate change. Today I have the privilege of speaking with Yotam Ariel of Bluefield Technologies


Spiffy: Welcome, Yotam! I’m excited to hear about your endeavor. Can you tell me about Bluefield Technologies?

Yotam: Thanks for having me today, Spiffy. Bluefield provides independent emissions data by using satellites and artificial intelligence (AI). This means that no one will ever need to fight climate change blindfolded. We'll be able to track every critical emitter on the planet, every day, and take effective action.

Spiffy: Wow, Yotam, you are not messing around! You’re right, while many of these polluters are invisible, it doesn't mean you still can’t see — or find them.

Yotam: You’re absolutely right, Spiffy. Having seen the devastation of climate change, I really felt that we needed a game changing advantage in this fight, and fast. I believe Bluefield is the game-changing advantage we need.

An illustration of Bluefield’s satellite hard at work looking for pollution. Image courtesy of Yotam Ariel.

Spiffy: So would you say that you’re trying to change the game — or the rules of identifying climate change?

Yotam: That’s one way to look at it. You see, we bring a new level of transparency and access to data on greenhouse gas emitting sources and the companies that operate them. This helps the emitters, the public, and the financial institutions incentivize companies to reduce emissions, and penalize companies that increase emissions.

Spiffy: This seems like a very reasonable incentive to help protect Planet Earth. Now, I understand you have already made a significant discovery on an emission!

Yotam: Yes, Spiffy! We were recently the first to detect a large methane release in Florida, which triggered a federal investigation into violations by the emitting company. 

Spiffy: Wow, you did remove the blindfolds! That must have been a great feeling to be the first to discover, or rather uncover, that. Has there ever been a time when you didn’t feel so great, but kept on going? 

Yotam: Actually, yes. You know, once I almost ran out of money. 

Spiffy: Really?

Yotam: Yes, and I actually received an investment offer from an investor — but I ended up declining it because I felt it wasn't a good fit. I didn't give up though, and I continued pitching our ideas to other investors.  Soon enough we had excellent investors — who were a great fit — and even more investment offers than we needed. It was a really good feeling :-)

Spiffy: That’s amazing. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! Are there any other unexpected lessons you’ve learned lately?

Yotam: I have learned something interesting from the travel limits caused by the pandemic. I have found that doing business over Zoom is often more effective, and produces better results, than traveling and having face-to-face meetings.

Spiffy: It is comfortable to talk to others from the comfort of our own home, or spaceship, isn’t it? Yotam, thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about your newest endeavor. Immmmm  t’s been a pleasure!


Yotam Ariel is co-founder and CEO of Bluefield, a company that provides satellite-based emissions data. Yotam is a former naval squad leader specializing in remote sensors analytics, and previously founded an energy startup with operations in 15 countries. (Nominator: Unshackled Ventures)