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The Parentrepreneurs' Diary

Parentrepreneur: ISHA PANDIT

Isha Pandit

My biggest challenge as a parentrepreneur:

"The biggest challenge that I have as a parentrepreneur is balancing the needs of the business and my kids. When I am working, I feel that I don’t give enough time to my kids and when I am with kids, I feel that my business needs attention as well. With Covid, my kids are out of their preschool and I am trying to homeschool them. It has been challenging to keep them engaged constructively and at the same time focus on building up my business."

Some tips I would like to share with other parentrepreneurs: 

"It all boils down to time management. Planning my week ahead of time has helped me balance my work and professional life. Working from home, there is a thin line between the two. But when I set the goals for the week ahead of time, I can plan to accomplish them without feeling rushed. Having/ building a support system around me has also helped me a lot. In these times of COVID-19, social distancing has reduced the normal channels for help such as hiring babysitters or after-school programs. But the small social bubble that my family has created, has helped tremendously."

Something that I learnt from my kid(s):

"When I started homeschooling my kids, I looked at normal channels such as Instagram, Pinterest to understand what is needed and what activities I can do with my preschoolers. And I got overwhelmed by the number of bloggers and activities out there. One day, my kids got an empty milk carton. Slowly that milk carton became a "pretend play" object - from an animal barn to a musical drum to a bus. That made me realize that I don’t need any fancy preschool setup. I started planning activities using normal household objects and these objects hold the kids’ attention more than normal toys."

My bio:

"I am a business consultant and also the Co-founder & Chief Community Engagement Officer, Ladderworks."

Parentrepreneur: ALEXIS CARTER

Alexis Carter

Parentrepreneur ALEXIS CARTER

My biggest challenge as a parentrepreneur: 

"The biggest challenge I face while trying to run a business and maintain a positive influential relationship with my small children. I maximize my work hours by working nights and having a good support system at home so that when I am home during the day, I am able to spend quality time with them but still financially support my family."
Something that I learnt from my kid(s):
"I am constantly learning from my kids. More recently, I’ve noticed my 2 year old has become so emotionally intelligent and she is so patient with her sister, even when I find it hard to be."
My bio:
"There is nothing I enjoy more in life than tending to newborns and helping their families care for and bond with them. I believe in the importance of the first 3 months of life, or what is often called, the “fourth trimester”, when overwhelming change –for newborns and parents alike– is often met with insufficient support. Empowering your ability to be confident in your decisions and providing you with the support you need to know that YOU CAN DO THIS, is my specialty and my favorite part of working with new families."