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Alba Forns: Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy

Alba Forns: Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy

Ladderworks is a publishing platform of diverse picture books and online curriculum with the mission to empower over a million kids to become social entrepreneurs. Our current series features interviews by our interplanetary journalist Spiffy with inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders, and Changemakers who are advancing the UN SDGs. 

Spiffy here with the scoop on the entrepreneurial leaders of Planet Earth. As the only interplanetary journalist stationed on this blue planet, I’m thrilled to present this galactic exclusive with Alba Forns, the COO and co-founder of Climatize. Let’s learn what’s happening at Climatize and how Alba is making a positive impact in the world.

Spiffy: Thanks for joining me, Alba! Tell me, what challenge are you addressing through Climatize?

Alba: Thanks for having me, Spiffy! At Climatize, our mission is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy by connecting climate projects with investors. Investors can get started from as little as $10 and potentially earn up to 10%. Investment involves risk so I encourage everyone to do their own research. We're tackling the climate funding gap by mobilizing capital for small and medium commercial and industrial scale projects that struggle to raise debt financing, given their size and addressing the urgent need for sustainable development and climate action.

Spiffy: What motivated you to do it?

Alba: I was motivated by a deep commitment to climate justice and a desire to make a tangible impact. The catalytic moment was when my co-founder and I attended a global climate strike and saw 100,000 people protesting for climate action. We realized that the next day, we would all go home, and nothing would be different. Getting together 100,000 people and the best option being making a cardboard sign is a glaring problem. Witnessing the urgency of climate issues and the collective will to act, I co-founded Climatize to bridge the gap between the climate movement and crucial climate infrastructure projects, fostering a sustainable future.

Spiffy: How would you say that your organization is working towards a more equitable world?

Alba: Climatize actively promotes inclusivity in the renewable energy sector. All projects have a climate impact. Additionally, we prioritize projects with social impact, such as community solar initiatives that empower local communities, support low and middle income families and frontline communities. Additionally, my role as a ‘Women in STEM’ advocate aligns with our commitment to diversity in the sector.

Spiffy: Tell me about a recent organization milestone or initiative. What impact does it make on your audience/community?

Alba: Climatize has successfully channeled over $1,500,000 to solar projects in the first 6 months after launch. These projects support low-income families, a congregation, a local theatre, a farm in rural America, and a family-owned business to go solar. This milestone not only propels sustainable infrastructure but also demonstrates the viability and appetite for impactful investments in our community.

Spiffy: Please share an experience when you faced failure and didn’t give up. What did you learn from it?

Alba: One significant challenge was overcoming regulatory hurdles in our journey. Instead of giving up, we navigated through, learning the importance of resilience. It reinforced the need for innovation in sustainable finance, inspiring us to find creative solutions for a more resilient and adaptive future.

Spiffy: Thanks for speaking with me today, Alba—it’s been an honor!

Alba Forns is the COO & co-founder at Climatize, a Public Speaker, nominated Forbes 30 Under 30, a 2023 Young Energy Ambassador, and nominated in the 2022 Techstars. (Nominated by Josef Scarantino from Hubspot Ventures. First published on the Ladderworks website on January 25, 2024.)

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