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Natalie J. Egan: Spreading Empathy Through Technology

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Natalie: Empathy is the ability to understand and feel what other people are feeling. At Translator, we do this by helping people become more self-aware through anonymous, technology-based exercises. These “learning experiences” are designed to help people first reflect on their own identity and lived experiences so that they are then ready to learn about other people. Without self-awareness, people cannot have empathy. And that is what we do!

Sarah Toms: Radically Transforming and Democratizing Education

Sarah Toms: Radically Transforming and Democratizing Education
Sarah: Happy to be here, Spiffy! Wharton Interactive is on a mission to radically transform and democratize education. Until now, the only way to deliver education at scale has been with Massive Online Classes (MOOCs), which struggle to retain students. Wharton Interactive has developed a new and more effective method. Built on our ARC platform, Alternate Reality Courses (ARCs) are a new breed of learning simulation. Every course combines world-class subject-matter expertise, hyper-immersive interactive fiction, the science of learning, and innovative game design. ARCs are deeply engaging, teach through experience, and promote robust and enduring knowledge. Early tests show significant increases in knowledge, satisfaction, and usefulness compared to traditional learning.